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Option 1: Apply for a web page on this site

NOTICE: This website ONLY advertises BSc Podiatry and DPodM graduates.

Podiatry Pages is run by a Podiatrist to provide a cheap but effective way to get clinics onto the internet. An individual clinic website can be a big investment, hundreds of pounds to have one made plus at least a hundred pounds a year to run. On top of that is the time or money needed in trying to get good rankings in search engines so that patients will find it.

For only £1 a week (£52 p/a) Podiatry Pages enables you to include all of the important information you would have on a website of your own but for a fraction of the cost. We will take care of all the technical aspects including promotion of the website to search engines and other relevant websites. Being a large directory site it is highly likely that your page on Podiatry Pages will rank higher in search engines than an individual clinic website ever could.

It costs less, ranks better in search engines, has greater credibility, takes none of your time to maintain, requires no computer skill or internet knowledge but has all the benefits of your own website. You could well decide Podiatry Pages is all you need on the web.

Remember that web use is greatest amongst younger patient groups meaning biomex and PNAs are likely to be common among referrals from the Internet though often it is younger people looking for older relatives too.

  • Part time private practitioners
If you work part time a directory page is the lowest costing form of advertising there is with 12 months advertising for the cost of a week or two's small newspaper add. Even working privately just one evening a week it can pay to advertise with a directory page.
  • Visiting practices
Unique to this website you will be listed under all the areas you cover with home visits so no matter how far you travel patients will know to call you.
  • Larger multi-clinic practices
If you have more than one clinic you can have a page for each, listed under the appropriate areas and usually for the same yearly fee (other terms may apply if more than 3 clinics)
  • Surgeons
Many people will research their condition on the internet before opting for surgery, making it the ideal place to advertise your service.

We feel confident you will find the site a great value way to promote your service so why not take some time to complete the form and see what the Internet can do for your practice.

If you have any questions you would like answered before you apply for your web page just ask podiatrypages@gmail.com

Otherwise click here to download the application form

The form is in the widely used word document format, just add the relevant info and email the form to the address provided.

Option 2: A .co.uk for your clinic

If you want a unique web address to place on your stationary and print advertising, your page on the directory can be used as an individual basic website for your clinic. Visitors who go to a '.co.uk' name of your choice will be presented with your directory page minus the usual links back to Podiatry Pages. This is a great way to make use of a name you've already registered or if you want to reserve a name but are not ready to commit to having a website made.

To check if one you've been thinking of is still available click here - www.nic.uk - Enter your chosen domain name adding .co.uk eg "samplename.co.uk" in the WHOIS box on the right to see if it is already registered.

If you choose this option and later unsubscribe from Podiatry Pages the domain name remains yours as long as domain registration payments are made (£30 p/a) or you request to have it moved to another host. (e.g. You create your own website to use with the domain and it is moved to your website hosting company.) If you no longer need the domain name its registration will lapse and it will become available for others to register.

The cost for this service is £30 p/a in addition to the standard directory page charges, so £82 p/a including all charges for domain name registration and hosting. Complete the 'Option 1' application form and state your desired domain name in the appropriate box.

To ask a question about this service podiatrypages@gmail.com


To update an existing page, add an additional clinic to your account (free) or cancel your subscription please email podiatrypages@gmail.com

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